Why choose Head Injury UK ?

It is important that anyone with a head injury seeks the best possible legal representation from the outset. Not all solicitors have this expertise. Head injury claims are complex and require a great amount of on-going support and more importantly access to top professionals who can assist in rehabilitation and advice.

Your Rehabilitation Following a Head Injury

This is a main objective following a serious injury. Our team will support you as you regain the social skills that might have been lost as a result of the injury.

The key here is development at a pace which suits you including;

  • accessing community activities, preventing feelings of isolation and deterioration.
  • re-learning lost skills including re-education, improving cognitive functions (memory, thought process) and social skills (aggression, inhibition and speech)
  • learning how to recognise and modify behaviour and how to cope with changes
  • understanding the condition and access to information
  • improving self-confidence and self esteem

Head Injury UK: Our Experience

The experience of our solicitors means they see at first hand the devastation to lives affected by serious injury. Your solicitor is familiar with the Rehabilitation Code and, working with the insurance company, will ensure your rehabilitation needs are met privately. This is particularly important in view of limitations on rehabilitation in the NHS.

We are not just familiar with the legal process but also the medical process, understanding what you are going through and exactly what treatment is available.

Often handling complex claims, we make provision financially for the future costs and concerns. With this in mind, we will make the most of securing interim payments to help you through difficult times, rather than waiting until the end of the legal process to secure you money.

Head Injury UK: Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to ensure that we build great relationships with our clients. Your solicitors will deliver legal advice in a friendly and down to earth manner, working towards a just outcome together as a team.

Working with the best case managers, rehabilitation centres, barristers and medical experts we will compile a case which takes into account all your future needs. Barristers are always on hand to assist in preparing your case and dealing with all of the complex legal issues.