Birth Injury

Claiming Compensation for Birth Injury

If your child is suffering from a type of palsy caused by an accident at birth, whether that’s cerebral, ataxic, athenoid, dyskenetic, mixed, spastic or Erb’s Palsy, you should look into making a claim for birth injury compensation.

The Head Injury UK team of experienced medical negligence lawyers includes members who specialise in claims involving birth injuries which have resulted in some kind of brain trauma.

We have many contacts in the medical professions who help us to unravel the truth of even the most complicated birth injury circumstances. This means we can make the strongest possible case for compensation and our rate of success is extremely high.

Our Aim: To Ensure your Child gets the Care and Support Needed

To make things easier for you, your single contact at Head Injury UK will be a senior solicitor who will direct your team and be available to discuss the case or any concerns you have.

Through our professional relationships, alongside dealing with the claims process, we can help you make arrangements for the best possible treatment and care for your child. Our aim is to provide you with the financial resources for quality care, medical treatment and equipment for life, and we will leave no stone unturned in pursuing this.

We work swiftly to secure any interim payments you may need to get your child any urgent surgery or specialist treatment they need early on, that could make all the difference long term.

Head Injury UK: Birth Injury Legal Experts

Our legal experts are proud to be able to help innocent sufferers of birth injury and are incredibly passionate about finding the way to succeed.

Claims can usually be funded by Legal Aid, so there is no financial reason not to proceed.

By filling in our online form, or calling us on 0800 073 0988, you can arrange an initial, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help.