Brain Injury

Claiming Compensation for Brain Injury

If you or a relative are suffering from some kind of brain injury, with some legal assistance you may be able to claim significant compensation. The injury may have been caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault, by medical negligence or assault.

When a sufferer is unable to earn a living or enough to give them a chance to lead as normal a life as possible, their loved ones are affected too. It can change the lives of whole families. In these circumstances, financial compensation can be a lifeline.

Head Injury UK’s solicitors have a total of over 70 years’ experience of successfully representing such claimants. They’ve helped people with many kinds of acquired brain injury, including the results of stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage and aneurism.

Our Aim: to Assist the Financing of as Normal and Comfortable a Life as Possible

It is only right and just that you should be compensated for the suffering and life changes imposed by brain injury that was caused by someone else’s actions or clinical negligence. But what most people want is the best possible life thereafter. We therefore make the strongest case possible for maximum compensation, with index linked lifetime payments to cover the cost of on-going care where needed.

Head Injury UK: the Legal Experts for Brain Injury Victims

At Head Injury UK, you’ll be given one senior contact you can talk to at any time. He or she will lead the team that will discuss your case with appropriate professionals, and then pursue your claim with vigour. We can offer legal aid if it's available to fund your claim, otherwise we can consider a no win no fee agreement. And we’ll do everything possible to secure interim payments for the high quality care and treatment that could make all the difference whilst your case is progressed.

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