Cerebral Palsy

Claiming Compensation for Cerebral Palsy

If mistakes were made by medical professionals during and shortly after the birth of your child which led to cerebral palsy, and those mistakes were avoidable, you may be able to claim compensation for birth injury medical negligence.

Head Injury UK is a team of highly specialist medical negligence lawyers, some of whom are experts dedicated to representing those who have suffered birth injuries and, in particular, cerebral palsy.

Our experience is in-depth and we have successfully pursued and won a large number of cerebral palsy cases, including where liability has been denied, or where circumstances have been particularly complicated.

Even if you are unsure of whether your child’s cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence, please take a few moments to give us a call.

Our Aim: To Ensure your Child is Properly Cared for

The legal experts at Head Injury UK work closely with medical professionals to ascertain the cause of a child’s birth injury and if it is found to be the result of a mistake made during birth, or a lack of adequate care shortly afterwards, we will build a strong case and pursue the highest possible compensation award. Our aim is to make sure your child can be properly cared for now, and in the future, and that your own financial needs as a carer are met.

Head Injury UK: Cerebral Palsy Claims Specialists