Consequences of a Brain Injury

The brain is a very complex organ. An injury to the brain can leave long standing problems. The immediate consequences will be coma and concussion. The secondary consequences may include an increased risk of epilepsy and ongoing cognitive and executive impairment.

Damage to certain parts of the brain can cause specific difficulties. As a general guidance, the following are starting points in terms of assessing what areas might be affected from damage to certain parts of the brain.

Frontal Lobes

  • Behaviour
  • Mood
  • Control of behaviour
  • Control of movement
  • Speech and language

Parietal Lobes

  • Sensation from the opposite side of the body
  • Understanding of space

Temporal Lobes

  • Memory
  • Input into behaviour and mood

Occipital Lobes

  • Vision

Damage to the one of the four lobes might however cause blood to flow into other areas of the brain causing further damage.

A head injury can result in:

  • Coma
  • Concussion
  • Epilepsy

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