Medical Experts

As the effects of a brain injury can be so wide ranging, treatment will be provided by a number of different experts. The experts who may be involved are:


  • identifies the extent of the brain injury
  • considers the future prognosis and treatment


  • Focuses on the cognitive impairments of a brain injury including memory, concentration, problem solving an understanding
  • Assists in recommending a treatment plan to help develop ways of developing new skills to overcome impairments


  • Usually focuses on specific behavioural problems such as anxiety, depression, aggression and sexual inhibition

Speech Therapist

  • Assists in establishing the extent of any speech impediments and communication problems

Occupational Therapist

  • Undertakes an assessment of the disability, impairment and functioning
  • Considers what treatments will be available to enable an individual to return to ordinary tasks around the home for example domestic tasks
  • Provided input into adaptations, transport and assistive devices to help maximise independent living
  • Makes recommendations in relation to the care both past and future


  • Considers the suitability of existing accommodation
  • Considers the needs for alternative accommodation
  • Considers suitability of accommodation in the future
  • Considers whether the existing accommodation can be adapted in any way to meet those needs

Case Manager

A case manager generally prepares reports outside the litigation process and is primarily focusing on rehabilitation. The role generally ensures:

  • That treatment is arranged
  • The family are educated
  • That social services are contacted to ensure that appropriate care needs are met
  • Summarises the additional care requirements that the insurance company will be invited to fund
  • Monitors the needs of the family for respite care
  • Organises, monitor and train carers

At Head Injury UK we have arrangements with medical experts specialising in all of these areas. As your rehabilitation and recovery is of paramount importance we will arrange for you to be assessed by top experts. Where treatment is required we will arrange for this to be carried out, on a private basis if necessary and paid for by the third party. All of your medical, rehabilitation and care needs will be taken into consideration and addressed.