Getting Help

Rehabilitation is an important and critical part of the recovery process for a traumatic brain injury patient. Your solicitor has access to the best support and can help advise you on the options available.

What to expect if you suffer a brain injury

A person who suffers a brain injury should be admitted to hospital as soon as possible. They will initially be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit or Neuro-science centre. The acute stage is the stage where the intensive treatment and monitoring of vital statistics takes place. The aim is the get the patient comfortable. Thereafter the patient will move into the non-acute stage where rehabilitation may take place.

The Acute Stage – Treatment at a Neuro-science Centre

There are a number of different ways in which a person with a head injury can be treated at hospital. In most cases a patient will be treated at their local intensive care unit.

However, there are also specialist intensive care units around the country with expertise and resources to provide specialist brain injury treatment. Studies have shown that patients, who are managed at specialist ICU neuroscience centres where focus is on aggressive treatment and early rehabilitation, benefit in terms of recovery it is important that this is raised with the consultant to ensure that a referral is made to a neuroscience centre in appropriate cases.

After the Acute Stage

After the acute stage the patient may be moved to a step-down facility or a rehabilitation hospital.

Moderately to severely injured patients may receive specialised rehabilitation treatment with the support of different specialists including physio, occupational, speech and language therapists and psychological treatment.

A social worker should be appointed to consider what input social services might need to have in ensuring care needs are met when or if the patient returns home.

A tailored treatment programme will be created to focus on the setting short and long term goals to optimise a patient's function and independence through the coordinated application of discipline and specific expertise.

The overall goal of rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury is to improve the patient's ability to function at home and in society and achieve independence in basic routines of daily living.